This blog is dedicated to my friend, Loren Hudson, who, under the Direction of The Holy Spirit, brought God’s Very Good Word in season!  Thank you, Loren!

The Joy of Writing A Book!

I was so blessed God allowed me to write a book this year.  The book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!  was a joy to write.  Its Message is a celebration of God’s Amazing Love for us.  It is a book about trusting and loving The One Who lives inside us.

One of the chapters in the book details how it is possible for a person to give a Good, Valid Word from God and not get any nourishment from it themselves.  If the writer or speaker does not claim what they pass on, they do not get the benefit of it.  Only the ones who hear and claim The Truth will receive its benefits.

For over six months, God allowed me to write with great health and a clear mind.  I was blessed. 

Post Book Testing in The Desert

However, soon after the book was completed, I began to have some disturbing health problems.

Part of the problem included a total lack of appetite.  Nothing tasted good.  Nothing seemed appealing.  When I did eat something, it did not seem to agree with me.  I unfortunately fell into an old habit of checking my symptoms on the internet.

Word of warning, you can totally mess up your mind by checking your symptoms through the internet.  Satan has a field day when we do that.  He can invent diseases we have never heard of for us to consider!

The Words God gave me through the book lay unread by me in the bookcase, while I flipped between internet searches and Facebook, with a few burps thrown in between.

I moaned and groaned, and begged God to help me.  How could I have felt so clear and certain while I wrote and then so out of it and pitiful now? 


God Answers My Prayer!

Soon after another “Oh God help me!”, I came across a post from a friend on Facebook.

It really was not a typical post.  While a deeply committed Christian, she does not post scripture all the time.  But on this day, she had posted scripture.  

While I was stretched out on the couch, going, “Oh God, what can I eat?  Oh God, help me,” my friend was posting a scripture, having no idea what was going on many miles away.  She was simply being faithful to do what God was calling her to do at that moment.

I zeroed in on her post because it had something to do with eating!  At the end of her post, she quoted Jeremiah 15:16, which says,

When Your Words came,

I ate them and they were my Joy and my heart’s Delight!

Jeremiah 15:16

How plainly could God speak?  I asked, “What can I eat?”  I begged, “Oh God, help me!”  He said, “I’m happy to help you.  This is what you should eat!”


God’s Word is Always Timely!

It gets better.  I was reading this on the evening of September 14th.  The next day would be September 15, and the day after that September 16.  God was confirming His Direction to “read it and use it NOW!”

I went to Jeremiah 15 in my Bible, the 1992 version of The Living Bible.  I now was hungry for God’s Word.  I wanted to see what He had to say beyond that one verse. 

But before I began to “eat God’s Word,” He spoke to me.  I wrote down what I heard in my spirit.


God Speaks Today Directly to Us!

Did you really think

I would give you My Word

for you to squander it 

on fear and doubt?

Did you really think

satan would sit idly by

while you exposed him?


Did you really think

I’d let you go into the heat of battle,

untested, untried, unbaked?

Satan does fight in the spiritual realm,

but his main battleground is

in your physical body and in your mind.

Satan shakes your temple from the outside,

and offers you a lie

to get you to open the door.

When you do,

it’s “Game On!”

You are so surprised that

you try to fight him on his level.

You hit at him with a spoon,

when you have THE  SWORD of TRUTH within your grasp!

Satan laughs.

He wants to keep coming at you

with sucker punches until you forget

who you are 

and WHOSE you are.


If you believe what you proclaim,

you must claim it!

Let Me speak!

Stop wimbling!

Stop whining!

Stop being double minded!

You cannot use My Power 

until …

You are convinced …

You know that you know …

You are certain

You know The Truth.

And you are certain

That Truth will make you free!

You fear too much

and expect too little of Me.

Jeremiah 15 is My Word to you.

If you are going to be My Spokesperson,

you must trust Me!

Look at your life.

What things would make you distrust Me or doubt Me?

Satan can answer that in a heartbeat.

He knows you.

He knows where you will likely cave.

When he shakes your body,

you start to fear what is outside

and forget The Power of what is inside!

You should know satan by now.

You should know his weakness.

It is plain and simple … My Word.

He cannot stand under The Power of My Word!

Eat my Word with Joy!

Feel it strengthening you!

Feel it emboldening you!

Resist satan!

When he sees you full of My Word,

he will flee.

I have given you My Word.

You have proclaimed it.

Now you need to claim it!

God Speaks Through His Words

Recorded Long Before We Came to Earth!

I read Jeremiah 15.  Verses 19-20 confirm what The Lord spoke to me.

The Lord replied:

“Stop this foolishness and talk some sense!

“Only if you return to trusting Me 

will I let you continue as My Spokesman.  

You are to influence them, not let them influence you!  

They will fight against you 

like a besieging army against a high city wall.  

But they will not conquer you, 

for I am with you to protect you 

and deliver you,” 

says The Lord.

Jeremiah 15:19-20 (TLB)

Even though this was a very personal Word to me, The Lord has impressed upon me that it is also a Word for others, as well. 

Is it a Word for you?


I Love You!

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    Wow! That is sooo awesome! I love that verse about eating His word and how perfect for what was happening to you at that time! You asked the question at the end…..”Is this a word for you? I would whole heartedly say yes! I just saw that movie yesterday War Room! It was so awesome and had such a powerful message. This blog post goes right along with that message!

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    I keep accidentally pushing send before I’m done! LOL Anyway! That was just great! This is a word that will touch and encourage many! Thank you for writing down what you hear!

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  4. Claudia says:

    Thank you for sharing this key truth. Many will be strengthened and learn truth about writing and leadership.
    Very Thankful for your transparency.

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