Introduction to The Author’s Reading of The Book,

If You Only Knew … Who I AM!

Preparing for Lent

As we enter The Holy Season of Lent, many will seek again to understand the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  Many will “give up something for Lent,” intending in some way to share in the experience of sacrifice.

Many times we focus on the death of Jesus so much, we miss the point of The Life of Jesus.  This Lenten season, instead of focusing on what to give up … I invite you to focus on receiving what Jesus came to give you. 

The book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!  is the true story of God’s Love, demonstrated from the beginning of time, through you and on into the future.  When you know Who He is, you will also come to know who you are and why you are here!


Was God The Bad Guy?

God has often been portrayed wrongly as One Who threw Adam and Eve out of the garden for just one wrong food choice, One Who unreasonably sentenced them to hard labor for the rest of their lives, One Who demanded child sacrifice and seemed to renege on His Promises to Abraham, One Who sent His Own Son to do a dirty job and then wouldn’t let Him out of the deal, even turning His Face away from Him at the height of His agony.  

You may have shuttered in terror as you contemplated all Jesus went through during the crucifixion.  You may have believed that intense suffering was a graphic picture of what God would like to do to you to punish you for all your sins.

You may have thanked Jesus for being your stand in, allowing you to escape God’s Wrath.

But all those portrayals of God are not true!  This book will explore how God had a Plan from the beginning not to condemn the people He created, but to save them from evil.

For God so loved the world 

that He gave His One and Only Son, 

that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, 

but have eternal life.  

For God did not send His Son into the world

 to condemn the world, 

but to save the world through Him.

John 3:16-17

Together Forever!

God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are One, forever inseparable.  Like the different organs of your body, They can fulfill different functions to accomplish a common goal, but They are never apart.  They were all there at Creation.  They were all there at the cross.  They were all there at the Resurrection.  They never work against each other.  They never abandon each other.  In fact, they are so alike that They are One.

There is other good news.  They are One with you.  They have been with you since your creation.  They were inside of you even when you did not know.  On the day you “invited Them in,”  They were already there.  You simply discovered Them and purposed in your heart to do your best to work with Them from that day forward.

There was a time when you did not know you had a heart or lungs or any other of the marvelous parts of your body.  Then you discovered they were there and they were working hard to keep you alive.  You may not understand how they do what they do, but you accept that they are working together for your good.

In this book, you will be invited to explore how God gave His Message of Love from the beginning of time to the present and on into the future.  You will be invited to learn who God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit really are and how They work in you.  They once functioned very visibly in the Body of Jesus.  Now the Mission continues, as They function through your body.  


God’s Plan

God’s Plan was exactly what Jesus said, “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven!”  You are a vital part of that Plan.  I invite you to join me on an exciting journey from the Garden of Eden to the cross and beyond, as you discover Who The One really is!

I will be reading from the book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM! each day on my blog site:

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And now, let’s join a woman, who really thought she understood how everything worked.  She knew a Savior was to come one day … but she had no idea that day would come in her lifetime.  


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  1. Claudia.PoetryPainter says:

    Wonderfully written… I especially liked this part that explains what the church
    calls “salvation”… a new birth, or born again…
    Carolyn explains this important concept without using church terms…

    “There is other good news. They are One with you. They have been with you since your creation. They were inside of you even when you did not know. On the day you “invited Them in,” They were already there. You simply discovered Them and purposed in your heart to do your best to work with Them from that day forward.”

    Keep reading!

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