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Chapter Three:  Love Within Boundaries

Do you take comfort in boundaries or are you more of a “don’t fence me in” type?  God established very few boundaries in the Heaven on Earth place called The Garden of Eden.  But He made one boundary very clear.  He told Adam and Eve very plainly not to cross that line.  And He told them what would happen if they did.  You may have heard the story of the first couple’s colossal fail in obedience … but put yourself in their place.  What harm could it do just to try one tiny little bite?  How about just cracking that door and taking a peek inside?  Ever been there?  


Chapter Four:  A Rebellious Cherub

Did God create satan?  Did satan turn out to be who God created him to be?  Did God create you?  Have you turned out to be who God created you to be?  Satan was annointed by God to do good.  How could he have had such a massive fall into darkness and evil?  Satan knew God up close and personal.  He had experienced The Power of God working through him.  What happened?  



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