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If God has given us a Gift, will He take it back?  

Romans 11:29 says, “God never changes His Mind when He gives Gifts or when He calls someone.”

So if He has given you a Gift or an Opportunity to use that Gift, He is not going to change His Mind, no matter what you do.  It’s yours!  But His Gift to you is not for you alone.  It is a Gift to the world He wants you to deliver.

If we refuse to use what God has given us, He may put it “in the closet” for awhile.  It is still ours,  but we may need time to “grow into it” and desire to use it for His Kingdom.

Salvation is another term used loosely by some.  How does it work?  Can we really say we received The Gift of Salvation on a certain day and that was the end of the story?  Did we mark the date on our Bibles and then lock that Bible up in the safe?

Being saved is an ongoing, live process.  God continually gives us The Gift of being saved.  He wants us to receive it joyfully and use it for His Kingdom on earth.



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