When I was learning to read, we used the popular books in the Dick and Jane series. The books used repetitive sentences to teach words.

One of the phrases that stuck with me was Jane saying to her younger sister, Sally, “Look, Sally! Look!”

My mother not only opened the world of reading to me, but she opened the windows of the world as well. She would often say, “Look, Carolyn! Look!”

In recent years, I have realized how many things (and people) I have missed by not really looking.

How often do we view all that has become so familiar as if we already knew all there is to know? How often do we even really look at those we love?

How often do we look away from strangers, not wanting to intrude or allow them to intrude into our space?

How often do we look away from suffering, afraid the suffering of another might somehow attach itself to us? Or do we look away because we hate the powerlessness of not being able to stop the suffering?

How often do we look away from those who are begging, suspicious of their motives? Or perhaps afraid, if we give a little, they might want a lot more?

The older I have become, the more I have discovered the joy of looking closer without judgement, without the need to categorize or make decisions about what I see.

I love just looking and appreciating the wonder of God’s Creation. I then listen to God to see if He wants me to do anything about what I have seen.

Yesterday I waited in the car while my husband went into the store. Ordinarily I would have grabbed my phone and diverted myself with its many options.

But yesterday, I heard in my spirit, “Look, Carolyn! Look!” So I did. I looked at all the different people going into and coming from the store. I gave them more than a passing glance. I really looked at them.

I realized anew that God created each of them with unique Gifts He would like to give His World. Each person I saw was a Treasure. I wondered if they knew.

And so I silently prayed for each of them, that they would discover the Joy of knowing their Creator. I prayed they would have The Joy of knowing why they have been sent to earth. I prayed they would be freed of anything that would attempt to stop the flow of God’s Glory revealed in their lives.

And I thanked God for letting me see my relatives. In the natural, I did not know one person in that parking lot. But we were all related. We have the same Father God!

Perhaps Peace begins with our really looking at each other and appreciating what God has created and is continuing to create through us. Look, (insert your name)! Look!img_7457

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  1. Tom Grieb says:

    A great thought Carolyn and certain a wonderful practice.

    God bless,


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