Is it easy for you to hear from God? Sometimes I am sure I hear Him and understand what I am to do.

But sometimes when I am desperate for an answer, I just can’t seem to get it. It seems He is silent.

One day in complete frustration, I said, “Are You Listening? Why are You not answering me?”

There was a continued long silence. I wondered if I had offended Him. Finally I heard Him speak.

“Stop moving. Be still.”

“Stop talking. Listen.”

“But God,” I protested. “I really need some answers now.”

He put His Hands to His lips and said, “Sh-h-h. Listen.”

And I heard the sound of a bird singing.

I said, “Could You make that bird be quiet, so I can hear You?”

And I heard the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.

I said, “Could You quiet that wind? It’s so distracting.”

And I heard the sound of waves coming and going from the shore.

I said, “Can You turn off that noise? It’s so constant, I can’t think.”

And then i heard thunder in the distance. Lightening flashed across the sky. It started to rain. There was a huge storm. I was thrown to my knees.

I said, “You know I can’t hear you now. I’m just trying to survive. Make it stop!”

And then there was a beautiful rainbow, and later a gorgeous sunset. I got lost in the world around me.

I saw children playing. I saw an old couple holding hands. I saw several people doing “random” acts of kindness. I saw a man almost get hit by a car, but the driver swerved at the last minute.

I visited a friend in the hospital. She was dying and yet she sang. She told me about Heaven and how we would meet there again one day.

On the way home, as I was soaking it all in, I heard God’s Voice.

“You had a question?”

I answered, “I just wanted to hear You. I wanted to see You.”

He said, “You did. I am not hiding. Quite the contrary. I am right out in the open.

“I am everywhere. I am in everything and everyone I created. I speak more than a million different languages, from the song of a bird to the testimony of a saint getting ready to come home. I speak in ways too numerous to count.

Do not look for Me in one place or in One Form. Look for Me everywhere. Don’t be surprised to find Me in places You never thought I’d be.”

And then He pulled back the curtain of Joy. I saw sadness and pain.

I saw people committing terrible acts of evil because they did not know God.

I saw their victims, who felt alone and abandoned because they did not hear God offering His Comfort. They did not know He would talk to them. I cried for their pain.

“Will You speak to them too?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. I cause My Sun to rise on the evil and the good. I send rain on the righteous and the unrighteousness.”
Matthew 5:45

The Heavens proclaim My Glory to all. The skies proclaim The Work of My Hands.
Psalm 19:1

“Then why don’t they see?”

His Voice was soft and gentle.

“Because like you, they are looking for answers. They are not looking for Me. They are like sheep without a Shepherd to guide them. I am going to some lost sheep today. Would you like to come along?”

I did! Would you like to come too?

Would you like to hear God? Begin by telling Him, “I want to be with You, wherever You take me. I want to see You and hear You clearly. I want it to be Your Words that come from my mouth. I lay aside all my restless questions. I just want You forever!”

His Answer will always be the same.

“You will seek Me and you will find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29:13


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    Wonderfully written Carolyn.

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