Would you lay down your life for another person? Think carefully before you answer.

In recent blog posts, we have been exploring the many aspects of God’s Love. Jesus told us what kind of Love was at the very top of all Love.

“Greater Love has no man than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
John 15:13

Laying down one’s life is not the same as giving up one’s life. Laying down your life means being willing to give up everything you value in order to lift others up for them to have what you relinquish.

Laying down your life is to recognize it was never your life to begin with. You are an important part, but only a small part of God’s Plan.

At the moment you choose to offer all you are back to God, you will discover just how Great His Love is in you.

Laying down your life means trusting that God does indeed have The Plan for your life and all the lives that will connect with Him through you.

Laying down your life means being willing to be broken in order for God to increase blessings to others. Jesus took the loaves of bread and broke them before holding them up to The Father to increase them so thousands of people could be fed.

Jesus laid down His Life for us, but He didn’t give up His Life. He laid down His Life so He could become The Way for us.

Jesus laid down His Life so He could lift us up. He connected us to His Life, so we could share everything with Him.

“I am The Way and The Truth and The Life.”
John 14:6

“Because I live, you also will live.”
John 14:19

As the season of Lent approaches, I invite you to reflect on how to lay down the life you planned and receive The Life Jesus came to give you.

Ask Him to show you how to lay down your life to share His Life with all those He will touch through you.

“I have come that they may have Life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10



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