In our continuing journey to reduce the clutter in our basement, we have opened boxes that haven’t been opened for years.

Among the treasures in one box was a box. It was inscribed to me from my daughter. Inside was one marble. I thought back to the time I received that precious gift.

She was a child. The box was a pencil box. It was labeled as an “anything box.” She kept various treasures in it. But one special day, she gave up the box for me.

The marble was one she selected from her collection. It was obvious that day she had given great thought to which marble she would give me. The one she selected was her favorite one.

It was her gift of pure love. She gave me something that was special to her … something that had held her treasures … with something inside she had chosen just for me.

Often as we leave childhood, we forget how to give gifts of love. We sometimes give considerable thought to gift giving, but it is more with regard to how much it will cost us and whether the other person is deserving of our gift.

Gift giving can turn into a performance test of how close we came to giving the perfect gift. We hope to win approval from the recipient of our gift.

Rarely do we give the gift of ourselves. Rarely do we give up what holds our treasures. Seldom do we look over our treasures and select the one we love the most and give it away.

But there was One besides my precious daughter who did do that. He gave up the “box” that held His Treasures. Jesus gave up His Body for us.

And He chose the very best, most beautiful treasure and gave it to us straight from His Heart. He gave us Life! And He let us know That Life would give us anything He had.

I thank Him for His Life and The Life He gave us. And I thank Him for revealing Pure Love through The Gift of a child to her mother. That Gift was given again today. I loved it, as I do the giver of that Gift!

Jesus said,
“You may ask Me for anything in My Name and I will do it.”
John 14:14

Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15



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