Can you imagine what it would it be like to know all things, past, present and future? To look at someone and know everything about them?

What if you knew what amazing talents were inside them, just waiting to be discovered? What if you could see them as they were created to be?

And what if you could also see the enemy, who was going to try to destroy them … lie to them, deceive them, tempt them, accuse them, torture them … and try to block any possibility they would ever know The Truth?

What if the only way to save them was to deliberately make yourself so small you could fit inside of them?

Would you be willing to share their pain and their griefs? Would you be willing to be with them always, no matter what they did … even if they turned against you?

Would you be willing to give your entire self, so they could live now and forever in Joy and Peace?

Jesus was willing to do that for you. He knows everything about you and He loves you. He is inside you at this moment, giving His All so you can be all you were created to be.

One last question — will you welcome Him?

“I have come that they (you) may have Life and have it to the full!”
John 10:10

“You are in Me and I am in you!”
John 14:20


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