I was a well behaved child and teenager.  While some of my friends were rebelling, I “colored within the lines” pretty well. 

However, later in life, after a difficult divorce, I set out to reinvent myself.  God is a much better Creator than I.  The “me’s” I tried to create were total flops.  

I praise Him, not only for restoring my life, but also for renewing it when I surrendered to His Loving Creation of the “me” He intended all along.

At some point when I was searching for my way “back home,” I talked to Mother about a “friend” who was overcome with guilt because of things she had done.

I told her my “friend” really wanted to make a turn around, but was afraid she could never make anything right again.  I asked Mother what I should tell my friend.

“Well, first of all, you should tell your friend that she can’t make it right again.”

This was not the reassurance I was looking for.

She took my hands in hers and looked directly at me.

“She can’t make anything right by herself. God is the only One powerful enough to do that. The consequences of what your friend did or didn’t do are real.

“Your friend can ask God to forgive her. And she can ask Him to heal and restore anything she’s broken.
Tell her she can trust Him to do it.”

One of Mother’s enduring characteristics was that when she listened to someone, she gave them her full attention. In a crowd of people, she could make you feel like you were the only one. I think that is how people felt when Jesus talked to them.

She then added, very tenderly, “It is right to tell your friend to ask God’s Forgiveness.  He will forgive her. But be sure she knows how important it is to accept His Forgiveness. 

“Tell your friend she needs to thank God for forgiving her.  But then she needs to forgive herself.”

She paused, as if considering carefully what to say next.

She closed her eyes, and appeared to be silently praying.

“Tell your friend to do that and then walk free.”

Mother then matter of factly asked what I would like for supper. 

From time to time after that, she would ask me, “How is your friend?”

I told her my friend was doing much better.  She said, “That’s good.  I pray for your friend.”  

She never asked me what my friend’s name was, as she usually did when she was going to pray for someone. She didn’t have to. She knew.

Listen. Don’t judge.

God knows all. You don’t have a need to know all.

No one can change what has already happened. Ask God to heal all involved.

Ask God’s Forgiveness. Receive it. Walk free.

It’s not always necessary to reveal all you know. 😘


“Neither do I condemn you,”
Jesus declared.
“Go now and leave your life of sin.”
John 8:11


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  1. Thomas Grieb says:

    Wow!! A wonderful word as well.


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    carolynpriesterjones posted: “I was a well behaved child and teenager. While some of my friends were rebelling, I “colored within the lines” pretty well. However, later in life, after a difficult divorce, I set out to reinvent myself. God is a much better Creator than I. The “me’”

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