The word voyage means a long journey.

In September, 1977, the United State launched a space probe called Voyager with a mission of boldly going where no one had ever gone before.

In September, 1977, Jay and I launched a relationship called marriage, also with a mission to explore great unknowns where we had never gone before.

Voyager has had ongoing adventures that even today push it onward farther and farther into the unknown.  It goes on.

Jay and I have had many many adventures and made amazing discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.  September 25, 2019 will mark 42 trips around the sun together.  We go on.

We consider “our song” the Disney song “Promise.”  We began our marriage with a trip to Disney World.  We went back many times over the years.  We especially enjoyed the Epcot Fireworks show called Illuminations.

At the end of the show, as guests are leaving, they play the song “Promise.”

Once, in a burst of spontaneity (and perhaps a little pixie dust), Jay pulled me onto the bridge and began to dance with me.  It was totally out of character.  The man does not dance in public.

But that magical night it was as if the whole world disappeared.  I was a princess.  He was the prince I had dreamed of as a little girl.  It was a special recommitment to continue our journey together.

We were shocked when we opened our eyes to discover we had quite an audience and some who had joined us in the dance.  It remains one of my favorite Disney memories.

As I read more about Voyager, I discovered something else interesting.  The day after our daughter’s birth, Voyager was inexplicably pulled off its planned course.  It headed out of our solar system and soared with new stars.  The heavens welcomed our new earth star! 😘

What a wonderful way God has of telling His Story and making it personal!

Take a few moments and enjoy our song, “Promise.”


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