I like helping people.  But I have a real problem asking for help.

I don’t want to bother anyone.  As my father used to say, “I don’t want to put anyone out.”  I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

On some level, I perhaps remember uncomfortable moments when someone did not want to help me.  They either said flat out no … or if they did help, they made it clear they were doing it, but did not want to.

Perhaps I am embarrassed at my need for help.  I don’t want to appear weak.  I don’t want to reveal I don’t have a ready arsenal of friends or family to help me.  I am afraid the desperation will come through in my shaky voice.

We come into the world dependent.  We gradually become more independent until we lose our ability to be dependent.  Aging or illness often pushes us back to where we began, dependent.  Whether we resist going back to our roots or welcome it as a return to a skill we lost often sets our course for the future.

In fact, our relationship with God is about dependence.  Grace is all about being able to admit there are things we cannot do ourselves.  Grace begins with a cry for help.  Grace comes in full measure when we are willing to receive and be thankful.

Grace is filled with trust.  We can cry out because we trust God to provide and He always does.

Jay and I are helper people.  We get Joy in giving to others.  We enjoy being “humans doing” more than we enjoy “humans being.”   But in this season of health challenges, we have come to places where we were forced to send out an SOS.

Such was the case today.  We were presented with an unforeseen situation and we did not have a ready plan.  Like Winnie The Pooh, we were stuck.

As she has many times before, a friend has agreed to help us.  She is not only the hands and feet of Jesus, but she is also His Face.

Perhaps God’s Gift to us this Christmas is reminding us we can be dependent and we can trust Him to provide.  We are blessed beyond the stress.  To Him be The Glory!

“Praise the Lord’s greatness with me.

Let us highly honor His Name together.

I went to The Lord for help.  He answered me and rescued me from all my fears.

All who look to Him will be radiant.  Their faces will never be covered with shame.”

Psalm 35:3-5


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