None of us can truly understand our impact on the world. Sometimes as I send writings, or videos into the world, I wonder if anyone is out there.

And then sometimes years after the fact, I am amazed at how far those seeds planted went.

I wrote an article for The American Journal of Hospice Care many years ago. After my time of journal publishing, I was largely out of public view. When I joined Facebook and also began publishing books and blogs, I was back in public view.

I was amazed to be contacted by a leader in Hospice Care who thanked me for the article and said it had become a cornerstone of hospice training, used in various workshops across the country!

At another time I was contacted by someone for whom I had written a letter of encouragement more than 20 years before. She was cleaning out her basement to prepare for a move. She found it and took the time to find me and tell me how much it meant to her.

I once wrote a song for a doctor who had made a great impact on my life. He thanked me, but was very understated. I was not sure he liked it. Years ago, we attended an open house. It turned out to be the home of the doctor. Prominently displayed in his office was the song and thank you I had written him.

I asked the realtor about it. She said all she knew was that one of his patients had given it to him and it was important to him. She had been told not to move it.

Take some time and think of those who have touched your life in a positive way. Tell them. Write them. Phone them. If they are no longer on earth, tell someone about them.

This touching video clip is from the tv series, Dr. Who. It shows what it would have been like for this artist who thought he had had no effect on the world, to have truly seen the effect he did have.

You are important. Someone has been, is now and will be touched by your life. Be memorable for good reasons!

Take a few minutes and enjoy this scene from the tv series, Dr. Who. It shows what might have happened if a famous artist could have seen the impact he would have on the world. As it happened, he died, having sold only one painting.

Here is the link.

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