I have written before about the wonderful bond I shared with my friend, Mary, through music.

Mary was once a ski instructor. Even though I did not know her then, it is easy for me to imagine her flying down some snowy slopes.

She was also a musician, playing in the band in college and also an organist and pianist.

She was my friend and neighbor for 26 years. For the last few years of her life, she fought a courageous battle with cancer.

I could see her house from my bedroom window. At night before I went to sleep, I would pray for her. One night, The Lord prompted me to sing hymns for her. He assured me He would deliver the songs.

I also began sleeping with the light on, sending the light out to her. She told me it comforted her on nights of struggle to know the lighthouse was shining her way.

Near the end of her life, Mary was hospitalized in isolation. She was unable to have visits from even her beloved husband.

I continued to sleep with the light on. I continued to sing. God continued to assure me He was delivering both The Light and the songs.

Mary and I continued to text each other. She told me she could feel the songs. She was on the top floor of the hospital. She said the helicopters would land right outside her window. When she saw their light, she knew the home lighthouse was shining!

One day The Lord took it up a notch. My husband helped me record and text the songs. Mary and I entered a whole new level.

I asked her what her favorite hymns were. She sent me a list. I began to sing through her list. Sometimes she had special requests.

The night before a bone marrow biopsy, she asked me to sing “It is well with my soul.” Another time she asked for “You’ll never walk alone.”

The only song on her list I did not get to sing was Silent Night. I was leaving that one for Christmas. However, Mary was promoted to Heaven some months ago.

Initially I felt maybe I had missed an opportunity by trying to fit the song into a season. However, as I sang it last night, and watched the snow falling outside, I felt total peace.

The snow reminded me of her. And as I sang it, I felt connected to the heavenly choir of which she is a part. I heard her song!

And, this morning, I made another discovery. I stopped sleeping with the light on after Mary’s promotion. But when I woke up this morning, I discovered I had fallen asleep with the light on!

I invite you to listen to this song in memory of Mary Ross.

Here is the link.


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