The steadfast Love of The Lord never ceases; His Mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; Great is Your Faithfulness!

Lamentations 3:22-23

We planted a sweetbay magnolia in our front yard soon after we had our house built in 1994.

As it grew, it spread out too close to the driveway and several of our visitors almost hit it. We moved it to the side of the house.

It almost did not survive the move. It deteriorated rapidly and looked like a stick stuck in the ground. I very sadly told Jay we needed to give up on it and remove it.

Jay, being of much more faith than I, convinced me to give it time. I reluctantly agreed, even though I was considering what “instant beauty” tree could replace it.

Time passed and one day miracle of miracles, buds began to appear on that stick. It blossomed!

Not only that, it began to grow. Each year it has grown taller and taller. And each year, the fragrance of its blossoms fills the air.

Last year when I had a very significant eye problem, I strained to see what I could, but distant objects were very fuzzy. However, right outside the window (two stories up really) the sweetbay was in direct view.

When I was tempted to give up on myself, God reminded me of what He had done with a stick. And He whispered, “I knew you would want to see this, so I brought you a bouquet.”

Today I was a bit down because of some physical challenges. I felt myself slipping into the “give up” mode. I was lamenting the situation to God.

Much to my amazement, I looked up and saw the light brought in by the setting sun. It lit up the wall and the tree was outlined perfectly in its shadow.

I sat in wonder, seeing the tree in its perpetual praise, branches extended to the light. It was a prompt to me to join in praise of our Creator.

And it was a powerful reminder never to give up. God’s Mercies are new every morning and evening and all the time in between.

After my moments of wonder, I took a picture of what was still visible as the sun set. It will give you an idea of the wonder of it, but as in many things in life, to fully experience it, you would have had to be there.

Look for God’s Wonders. They are there. He will renew. He will restore. He will heal. He will show you His Glory!

Thank God for His Faithfulness to you, as you listen to this song. Here is the link.

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