We came across a wonderful tree today.

It had grown strong and tall, extending its branches in perpetual praise.

Someone had added a ladder, and it looked so inviting. I could hardly keep from jumping out of the car and scampering up into its welcoming arms. (OK … maybe I would not scamper, but I would climb very carefully, if I had not been trespassing!)

One of its branches supported a regular swing. Another branch supported a rope swing. Oh what memories came back to life when I remembered swinging on the swing my father hung on our pecan tree.

I flew like the wind and actually believed if I kept pumping, I could reach the sky. And then I jumped out and actually flew for a few brief seconds. It was Heaven.

Near the tree we saw today, someone had built a tree house.

I always wanted a tree house. And I finally got one. Our deck is high enough it is level with the trees and I enjoy it in every season!

In a world where technology seems to have gone out of control in its efforts to entertain and distract us, I enjoy life’s simpler pleasures the most.

So among the treasures of this day was the discovery of the tree and its joyful reminder that it’s a beautiful world.

Here is the link to a song that says it best.


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