We moved unto our house in 1994.  It was our dream house.  We thought we would never change anything.

But as human bodies grow and change, so do houses adapt to fit their changing occupants.

Our house of today is different from the house of 1994.

These are some of the changes we made over the years.  

We replaced the wall to wall carpet with solid flooring.  Allergy issues immediately got better.

We replaced the French doors in the family room with a 12 foot door that lets in more light and breeze.  

We eliminated the fireplace and the built in bookcases in the family room.  We added lower cabinets all the way across and two large casement windows.  The cabinets are wonderful window seats or a serving bar for food and drink.

We replaced two windows in the dining room with a sliding glass door.

We added four windows to a solid wall in the dining room.

Adding the sliding glass door and the new windows changed what was a dark dining room into a sunroom.

We changed the small deck behind the family room  into a large deck that stretches the full width of the house.  We underpinned the new deck to cover the patio below with no drips from the deck above.

We disagreed on whether the deck should be covered.  So we compromised.  Part of the deck is covered with a retractable awning.  We put it out when we want shade and open it back up when we want sun.

We remodeled the kitchen and replaced the old style dark green bar with a bright white lower counter that sparkles in the light.  I still have the fascination of a child with things that sparkle.

We also replaced the cabinets, eliminating one over the refrigerator, that was nearly impossible to reach.  We discovered things in the back of that cabinet we had forgotten we had!

We replaced linoleum bathroom floors with tile.

We did a total remodel of the master bath, including replacing a standard whirlpool tub with a huge spa type tub with so many settings and lights, we have never figured them all out.

We painted the interior of the house and changed it from a depressing brown to a house of delightful different colors.   Children use crayons and coloring books.  Old people use paint and walls.

How we furnished the house changed too.  We used to have an abundance of heavy furniture, wall hangings, figurines and other assorted “stuff.”

Over time we found a particular freedom in rediscovering space and flexibility.  

We decreased our furniture and changed to lightweight pieces that can be easily moved from one place to another.  We love flexibility and multi-use.

We arranged the furniture so a person’s view is drawn to God’s Kingdom outside instead of some kingdom we tried to create inside.

We retired most of the figurines, pictures and wall hangings in favor of blank colorful walls where anyone can imagine their own scenes instead of accepting the view we chose.  The things we left on the wall strand out because there are so few of them!

What many people find intriguing is the number of mirrors we have in our house.  Any place I thought there should be a window, but there could not be, I put a mirror.  Mirrors reflect light and give energy.  In the right location, a mirror can reflect the outside world in a wonderful way.

We also discovered the freedom to break with tradition.  Just because a room was labeled something by the builder did not mean we had to live with it that way.

What started as a master bedroom became a large office with a dance floor.

What started as a small bedroom became a production studio for video teachings we do on our You Tube channel.

Today begins our next phase of changing our house into a more “aging in place” functional home.  Even as I am writing, men are at work.

Remodeling is different from building a home from scratch.  

Remodeling is much like life itself.

You realize some things don’t serve you well anymore.

You make a decision to give up the old and make a change.

You take at least a few moments of remembrance of the time when those things did serve you well.

You let go.  You feel the emptiness of the vacated space.

You look forward to what will come next!

And oh yes … one more thing … change can be messy and it takes time.  Be patient with yourself and those around you. 

I will update you, as the next chapter of the Jones story unfolds!

See, I am doing a new thing!  

Now it springs up!

Isaiah 43:19

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