Today was another interesting day of welcoming guests into God’s House where He lets us live with Him.

Painters arrived early this morning and worked all day.  The house is filled with the not so fragrant smell of dry wall dust and paint.

But it is also filled with The Aroma of Christ.  

Paul says, “We are the aroma of Christ to God.”  

2 Corinthians 2:15

The painters were not alone.  They listened to what we believe was a Christian Bible study.  It was in Spanish.  I don’t speak Spanish, but Jay does.  So he could interpret part of it.

And then there was music, also mostly in Spanish, but somehow translated into the language of Joy to me.

The painters painted and unknown to them, I danced in the next room.

We had a little conversation before they left.  We spoke of the places where we grew up, all of us missing the warmer climates where we were first “imprinted.”

I came from South Carolina.  They came from Mexico.

After they left, when I was checking the bedroom where they had been painting, I found two scripture cards in the middle of the bed.

They were part of the stack of scripture cards I read each night before bed.  I had apparently dropped them and they were under the bed.  

I smiled as I realized perhaps those cards were not accidentally dropped.  They were seeds planted by God that grew into encouragement for weary painters on this day.

And then The Word returned to me as seeds to be planted again.  

God promises His Word that goes out from His Mouth will not return void, but will accomplish that which He desires and achieve The Purpose for which He sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

Today was another day when it was good to be in The House of The Lord!

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of The Lord.”

Psalm 122:1

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