After studying and praying, we chose cremation.   

So then came the next decision.  What should we do with the cremains?

The placement of the remains of a physical body is not for the person who has transitioned.  It is for those who are left behind to mourn and remember in focused ways.

Loved ones need ways to release the physical body.  But they also need ways to hold on to memories.

There were a variety of options.  

If you are really into considering traditional versus far out choices, tap the link to this article.

Ultimately we did not want our remains boxed up, leading people to believe we were somehow still there.  We will not be there.  

We did not want our remains concreted into something we were never designed to be.  We had no desire to become a statue, ocean reef or teddy bear.

We did not want to select something that might be hard for a survivor to carry out.  Hiking to the top of Mount Everest to dump the cremains was out.

We liked the ocean, but in reality, what we liked was riding the waves, not being at the bottom in the dark.  We discovered cremains do not float.  They sink.

So we were back to good old Mother Earth and it was time for both creativity and compromise.

I recognized in myself the longing to hang on to those I love.  I also realized the need to let go.

We found a way to do both plus put in some other important perks that are a part of the life we are living together now.

Stay tuned for the next post and I will share the Jones current plan of “what to do with a dead body.”

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