Today my Childhood 101 teacher taught me about heaven.

It had been awhile since we could visit.  But when Gideon came through the door, his face lit up, as did mine.  

We shared hugs and kisses … just like I anticipate doing with those who have gone to Heaven before me.

We jumped for joy, just for the joy of temporarily suspending gravity.

We ran around the house, just for the joy of moving.

He showed me how to play with telephone cords and strings to blinds.

We felt things, like tables and chairs to take in the different textures.

We looked at the flower catalogue and he told me what color each one was.

He pointed out the lights in each room.  He reminded me that anytime things seem a little dark, I should look up and see The Light.

We climbed up and down the steps.  He reminded me that there are different levels in life.  Sometimes you need to get above things and get a different view.

He jumped on the bed and threw the pillow around.  I enjoyed watching, but have not tried that one yet.

He showed me how to play with an empty laundry hamper.  I had no idea how much fun that could be.

And he went room to room, really looking at everything, touching it, telling me what he was seeing and sometimes squealing with delight at new finds.

He played with balls, and demonstrated how to share.  Each time he picked up a new ball, he looked for someone to share it with.

He led Poppy in a whole new exercise routine of rolling balls and getting them in tight spaces where he could supervise Poppy’s agility.

Today he also had a music session, where he demonstrated a whole range of abilities with the piano, that makes my simple playing seem boring.  I have been enjoying trying the new Gideon moves on the keys tonight.

My teacher seems to have come straight from The Heart of God.  His love of life … his joy … is like a preview of Heaven.

Perhaps one day, after a glad reunion with some of my favorite people, we will go room to room, exploring all the rooms in God’s House He has prepared for us.

We’ll play ball, jump up and down on the clouds and make music on instruments we have not known on earth.

Thank you, Gideon, for giving me a preview and for continuing to teach me about how to enjoy Life!  You are the best! (Yeah, Grandma gushes a lot …)

You make known to me the path of life; in Your Presence there is fullness of Joy!

Psalm 16:11

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