I wrote recently about the wonderful people in the Sunday School class we used to attend.  They were old in years, but not in spirit.

One of their enduring traits was faithfulness.  They came to class in rain, snow, hail or sleet.  If there was any way to get there, they were in the chapel on Sundays.

And that is why we never felt we could cancel.  Their faithfulness promoted our faithfulness.

Patty (named changed) who was headed for 100 years of age, never missed.  If she had worn all those pin rockers for perfect attendance, it would have dragged her down.

She was always perfectly dressed and had arms open wide for anyone who needed a hug.  Her embrace was so filled with love we felt like we had been plugged straight into God’s Great Love.

However, sometimes it appeared she needed a recharge herself.  So she was prone to go to sleep in class.  And Patty’s sleep was more than just a little head bob.

Patty would literally fall over to the side.  The first time it happened, Jay and I, as the resident RNs, were getting ready to jump in and do CPR.

However, a faithful friend on one side would reach over and prop Patty back up.  She would make it a few more minutes before falling back to the other side.  The friend on that side would then prop her back up.

When class was over, Patty did not even seem to know she had gone through a whole range of exercises (as had her friends on either side of her).

One Sunday, I noticed an interesting dynamic that touched my heart.  Every class member seemed to have their designated spot.  They sat in the same places every Sunday.

However, when one of Patty’s pew buddies was not there, another class member would fill their spot.  It seemed there was an unspoken commitment to keep Patty upright.

At the end of class, Patty would awaken as if nothing had happened.  She often commented on how good the class had been.  Her friends would look knowingly at each other and agree.

What a wonderful world it would be if we could all be faithful to show up, give lots of hugs and hold each other up.

Patty and her friends are all now in Heaven. I can’t help but wonder if they get occasional assignments here on earth.  When I am falling and unseen hands lift me up again, I wonder.

I get back up refreshed and say, “My, wasn’t that a good lesson today!”

A friend loves at all times.

Proverbs 17:17

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