I was very blessed to have had a wonderful mother.

However, as we now celebrate Mother’s Day, let us not forget there are many who cannot celebrate in the same joyful way.

I invite you to join me in prayer for these mothers.

Those who did not have loving mothers. Their memories are painful.

Those who were left by their mothers. A part of them remembers growing near their mother’s heart, but they never had the joy of a continued sharing of life.

Those who had abortions and regret it. Many carry the silent grief of all they could have had, but chose not to. No matter what the reason for their choice, their hearts still remember what they tried to get their bodies to forget.

Those who are raising children, who are challenged by disabilities. They carry burdens every day as they help their children face the world. They are tired. They are stressed. But they never give up.

Those whose children have left and never returned. They carry the pain of waiting for the phone call or waiting for the closed door to open again.

Those whose children have chosen badly, in spite of all their efforts to teach them and guide them. They are horrified, as they visit their children behind plate glass or in cemeteries. They still ask themselves what they could have done to prevent such tragedies.

Those whose children have died, whether it was from miscarriage, illness, accidents or senseless violence. They still seek answers. They still long for their children.

Those who long to be mothers, but it has not happened yet. They are already mothers in their hearts, but their bodies are not there yet.

Those whose mothers have died, whether young or old. They were not ready to let them go. They long to spend this Mother’s Day with them. They need their touch just one more time.

We see all of you in spirit and ask our Father God, Creator of the universe, to lift you up and strengthen you and give you renewed hope and faith.

You are treasured mothers and daughters. We remember you and lift you up.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.
Isaiah 66:13

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