Jay did very well yesterday after his unexpected visit to the ER the day before.  See previous blog post.

He seemed to be doing well this morning.  We had activities planned for today.

However, all of a sudden the severe nosebleed returned.  This time with our daughter’s quick intervention, we were able to make it to the ER without EMS.

Again various approaches were tried, but the bleeding continued.  Finally he was sent home with packing in his nose and an appointment with an ENT specialist on Friday.

God was very present throughout in so many ways.  Our daughter, once again, was a total support.  We are so thankful she lives here and makes space in her life to help us.

She has passed on her gift of compassion to her three year old son.  Gideon was with her at our house before we left for the hospital.  We were all on the front porch.

Jennifer had explained to Gideon that Poppy wasn’t feeling well and he needed to give him some room.  Gideon respectfully stayed a distance away, sitting on the steps, eating his goldfish crackers.

But clearly he was watching Jay with concern.  Finally he got up and took one goldfish to Jay and then moved back to the steps.

Later Gideon followed me into the house.  He ran immediately to his toys and brought me the hedgehog (hedgehug).  He said, “Give it to Poppy.”

The hedgehog was a gift from Jennifer to Jay when he got COVID earlier this year.

Compassion is a trait that cannot be taught, but has to be modeled.  Gideon has seen compassion in his mother and it continues in a beautiful way in him.

These are the treasures of the day … those moments … and getting to have another day with The Love of My Life.  

This is the day The Lord has made.  We are thankful  He is with us always.

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy!

Psalm 103:8

Be sure of this.  I am with you always!

Matthew 28:20

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