It’s funny what things provide stability in life.  For me, it was a cow.  To be more specific, it was the Coburg Cow in  Charleston, South Carolina.

When I was little and we were traveling back to Charleston, my parents got tired of my repeatedly asking, “Are we there yet?”

So my mother said, “When you see the cow, you will know we are almost there.”

Coburg was a brand of milk sold in Charleston.  The company placed a large cow (not a real one … no animals were harmed) high atop a platform in a shopping center.

It not only became a local landmark, it also was the object of both celebration and pranks.  The cow sported various forms of dress for Valentines, St Patrick’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It also gained unmentionables, wigs and adjustments to its tail, possibly as part of initiations for membership in unknown clubs.

Later in life, after I moved away from Charleston, the cow was my welcome home.  I still heard my mother’s voice saying, “When you see the cow, you will know we are almost there.”

The cow also became a symbol of strength in storms.  When hurricanes came and rebuilding was necessary, the cow stood watch.  In a world of chaos, she reminded everyone, “We will rise.  We will go on.”

The cow also became a weather predictor of sorts.  

Earlier tonight, ABC News out of Charleston posted the following:

“The Coburg Cow is still standing as of Tuesday 2 p.m. in the face of Hurricane Idalia, indicating that, for now, Charleston will be A-OK.

Throughout weather events in Charleston’s history, the cow has either stayed up or been taken down depending on the believed severity of the storm.

When a storm’s steaks are too high, the cow is removed from its perch to a safer place.”

However, later tonight, someone posted, “The Coburg Cow is down!  I repeat … The Coburg Cow is down!”  Charleston’s version of an early warning system.  Time to board up!

I have no doubt the cow will be back.  Like Charlestonians, she is a survivor!

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