September 25 is our 46th anniversary.  Some of you have read our This Is Us story before.  But for those who don’t mind reading wacky love stories multiple times, I will post it again over the next few days.

The Meeting

She was on a locked psychiatric unit.  He was delivering pizza.  Now for the rest of the story …

I was a nurse on a locked psychiatric unit.  My co-worker and I were hungry.  

She said, “I know this guy who lives down the street from me.  If he’s home, he might go get us a pizza.”  Those were the days before pizza delivery.

That guy was Jay.  He was home.  He had mercy on us and got us a pizza.  The first time Jay and I saw each other was through the thick glass of the locked door to the psych unit.

I really was looking more at the pizza than him.  

But after a few minutes conversation, he asked my friend and me if we’d like to go out for a drink after we got off work.

We agreed.  

And thus began the love story of Carolyn and Jay.  (Don’t worry — this isn’t going to be sappy, mushy, all hearts and flowers stuff.)

Lesson:  When God brings Love into your life, He will do it creatively.  He is The Creator!

Sometimes you think you are hungry for something when actually you are hungry for something else.

No act of kindness and mercy is ever wasted.

No friendship is ever forgotten.  We cherish Jane Pappas, the friend who brought us together.

And we smile at the name our daughter gave to our interesting meeting — Love at First Slice!

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