Jesus:  God’s Demonstration Project

God sent Jesus to teach.  Jesus was God’s foremost demonstration project.  Prior to Jesus, God had communicated in various ways how He wanted His People to live.  He gave very specific, written directions.  He sent the best teachers in the form of prophets and teachers of the Law.  He appointed Judges to oversee the Laws.  But something was still wrong.  The people did not get it!  So following the thought, “if you want a job done right, do it yourself”, God Himself came to earth as Jesus.

The concept of the Trinity means we believe God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are One … different forms, different functions, but One.  It is as if God said, “OK, I am here in a form that looks just like you.  I came as a baby, grew up in the human way and I’m doing very human things.  Watch Me as Jesus.  This is how I want you to live while you are on planet earth.”

Jesus’ Classroom

Jesus was mobile.   Jesus went to people where they were … on the hillside, in their homes, in the market, and yes, in the Temple too.  Sometimes those most in need of learning are those who believe they already know it all.  Jesus had no dress code requirements.  He had no prerequisites.  He met people where they were, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and taught them.

Jesus, the Story Teller

Jesus frequently taught by using parables (stories).  He taught about the unknown by beginning with something the people already knew.  He opened their mind with safe subjects about which they had knowledge, and then he offered to introduce something new they did not know.

Jesus the Questioner

Jesus’ Teachings are filled with questions.  He prompted the people to think about what He was teaching … to really examine it and decide if it made sense to them.  His Teachings were solid enough they could be handled.  His teachings stood up under the most intense scrutiny.  His Questions were designed, not only to make His Students think, but also to allow them to speak their thoughts.  Jesus knew the Power of the Spoken Word!

Jesus in the Lab

Jesus did live demonstrations of what He taught.  He demonstrated the forgiveness of sins, healings, casting out demons, praying for one’s enemies, loving one another.  He demonstrated faith in the trenches, prayer, and submission to the Father.

Jesus Gave Tests!

Toward the end of Jesus’ time on earth, He began to step back and push His Disciples to act.  When the people were hungry and without food, Jesus said to His Disciples, “You feed them.”  When the disciples were out on the storm tossed sea, Jesus was asleep (or was He?), perhaps to see how His disciples would handle a storm on their own.  When another storm came up, Jesus was not even in the boat with them.  He was taking their training wheels off in preparation for the time when they would not be able to see Him with their physical eyes.

Jesus the Coach

When His players tried, but still messed up, Jesus gently chided them and pushed them on to greater achievement.  Jesus was pleased Peter was willing to get out of the boat and attempt to walk to Him on the water.  When Peter failed, Jesus rescued him, identified the problem (lack of faith), and gently pushed Peter to greater faith the next time.  There were a few more games in which Peter did not go home with a trophy.  But at last, His Coach was able to look Peter in the eyes and ask him to feed His Sheep.  Jesus knew it would be done.  Jesus could already see Peter at the Gates of Heaven, many trophies in hand!

Individual Instruction

You may find yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I could have been there.  My life today would be so much better if I had Jesus as my Teacher.”  I have good news for you!  He hasn’t retired!  He still teaches and He would love to have you as His student.  He has an immediate opening!  He now teaches through the Holy Spirit.  All you have to do is clear your mind, and simply say, “Jesus I want to learn what you have to teach me.  Come Holy Spirit.  Please teach me.”

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, Who the Father will send in My Name, will teach you all things

 and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

John 14:25-26.

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves Me, He will obey My Teaching. 

 My Father will love Him,

 and We will come to him and make Our Home with him.

John 14:23

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