How many times can you listen to White Christmas in one day?  We may greet the Christmas season with delight when we hear the first Christmas songs of the season.  However, after a steady diet of them during December, we may have had more than enough!  

And there are other sounds of the season.  As drivers jockey for good parking places at the mall, you may hear blaring horns and sometimes language that does not sound too merry.  Happy sounds of the laughter of children, may be followed by the sounds of overly tired parents who shout and threaten those same children.  Then comes the sounds of crying.

How are we supposed to sort out the merry and the unmerry?  Even more, how do we even hear Jesus’ Voice among all the sounds of the season that is supposed to point us to Him, not distract us from Him?

Jesus is patiently standing by, holding out one of His Gifts to you.  Are you ready to open it?  I’ll give you a hint (I peeked!).

… Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give you …

John 14:27

Come with me and I’ll show you how to find your Gift from Jesus.  Join me, as we read Chapter Ten of Christmas of Discovery!

Chapter Ten can be heard by clicking the Title,  The Season of Joyful Noise (or is it just noise?).

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