One of God’s Many Gifts to us is the Gift of Memory.  Memories allow us to visit the world of Yesterday.  Singing familiar songs, looking at old pictures and sharing common memories with friends and family may bring smiles and laughs.

However, yesterday was designed only for visitors.  It was not designed as a place for us to live.  And so, as we return from yesterday, we may find ourselves comparing the “good old days” to the present.  And the warm glow may change into feelings of loss or regret.

Christmas memories may stir up wounds from the past or present.  Wounds may lead to anger or fears about the future.  It becomes easy to focus on what we didn’t get instead of being thankful for what we have received.

Would you like to know how to enjoy the best memories of the Past without them being clouded by the worst memories of the Past?  

Join me, as we read Chapter Eleven of Christmas of Discovery.  There are more Gifts of Joy from Jesus and they have your name on them!

Chapter Eleven can be heard by clicking the Title, The Season of Remembering.


COD Front Cover LR

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