Is it possible to think about Christmas without thinking of food?  Many of us are already anticipating a “season of dieting” in January, based on our plans for December!

If you read through the Life of Jesus, you will find an assortment of stories having to do with food and drink.  Jesus’ first recorded miracle involved changing water into wine.  One of His last earthly acts included His cooking for His Disciples.

Jesus told us to remember Him when we eat or drink.  He described Himself as Bread.  He invited us into a covenant sealed by His Blood as our new wine.  What was all that about?

I invite you to come with me, as we read Chapter 12 of Christmas of Discovery together.  You will learn how to enjoy the treats of the holidays, not as uncontrolled gluttony, but as an Act of Worship.

The ultimate diet does not involve counting calories.  It involves counting something else!

Chapter Twelve can be heard by clicking the Title, The Season of Yummy!


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