If something is good, how could there possibly be too much of it?  As wonderful as is the Christmas season, it presents unique opportunities for overdoing it.  Too much eating, too much spending, too many activities, not enough sleep.  Fatigue takes its toll on the body.  December and January are major months of illness for many, as the body simply tires out from all the demands we place on it.

If we stop and do an inventory of our activities, many of us would say, “But wait a minute.  Everything I am doing is for the good of others.  In fact, all my activities for the past few weeks have been Christian activities.  How can that be bad?”

In Chapter Twenty of Christmas of Discovery, we will look at how how clever the tempter is in luring you into too much of what seems to be a good thing.  But we will also see how much smarter our God is.  Sometimes what we consider a terrible roadblock may actually be a Planned Detour of God to help us remember what David the Psalmist heard Him say.

… Be still and know that I AM God …

Psalm 46:10

In Chapter Twenty, you will learn about Father Joseph Mohr, who once thought he had a major problem.  And then God gave Him the Biggest Gift of his life … and that Gift has continued to give all through the years.  I’m betting you have received it already!

Chapter Twenty can be heard by clicking on the title, The Season of Too Much of a Good Thing!

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