Trivia question!  Do you know who Sir Henry Cole was?  He was the gentleman who commissioned the first commercial Christmas card in London in 1843 … an idea that caught on around the world!

Do you send Christmas cards or letters?  Many of us do.  Christmas cards give us the opportunity to keep in touch, not only with our current friends and family, but also to reach across miles and years to those we have known in other lives.

Connecting with others reminds us of our similarities and our differences.  It allows us to be encouraged, to communicate with each other or just check in to see how we are all handling this trip around the sun.  It says, “I’m here and I remember you.  You are still important to me, even in memory.  You’re not alone.”

How could anyone ever feel alone in this world of connectivity?  We have gone from cards and letters to telephones, which have become more and more sophisticated.  We have computers that can connect us with someone on the other side of the world with the touch of a button.  But have the opportunities to connect really connected us with those who matter most?

Today we can send an email to a family member in the next room or to a co-worker in the next cube, and never have to talk to them.  We can sit in a restaurant and access the net on our phone and never talk to the one with whom we are dining.  

Are we connected with God?  We can hit the button and send our prayer requests around the world.  We can watch Christian TV all day.  But we may never take the time to talk with God, Who is always with us, closer than the tv.

In Chapter Twenty-Three of Christmas of Discovery, I suggest an experiment in changing your connectivity this Christmas season.  Join me, as we connect to our Awesome Father God.  We have always been connected to Him, but He wanted us to know how connected we are.  So He sent Jesus, the Ultimate Connector between God and humans.  

God has sent you Good News this Christmas!  Jesus Immanuel (which means, “God with us!”) is here, no longer in a manger, on a cross or in a tomb.  He has chosen to make His Home with you!

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves Me will obey My Teaching.  

My Father will love them,

and We will come to them

and make Our Home with them!

John 14:23

I am in My Father,

and You are in Me,

and I am in you!

 John 14:20

To listen to Chapter Twenty-Three, click on the title, The Season of Being Connected.

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