What Christmas traditions do you have?  How did you come to follow them?  Traditions link our past to our present.  Traditions bring comfort.  They are predictable practices we can anticipate and count on.  Tradition says, “It’s always been that way” and subtly implies “it will always be that way.”

But what if you’re tired of tradition?  What if some of the ingredients of tradition have changed?

I go back and forth between two fears.  When I am miserable, I fear it will always be this way.  When I am happy, I fear it won’t always be this way.  I really needn’t worry because both are true in a positive way.

Some things will always be this way.  God’s Love will never change.  His hatred of sin and the penalties for it will never change.  God’s Willingness to forgive will never change.  Life with Him will go on forever … and He’s not done with Creation.  He will endlessly create and change lives.  Therefore, some things won’t always be the same!

In Chapter Twenty-Four of Christmas of Discovery, we look at God’s Creative Design for assuring both constants and change.  Why would we have a problem with His Design?  Sometimes we have the itch to change something before God wants it changed.  Sometimes we hold something tightly in the mold of “it’s always been this way” when God wants to do a new thing.  Jesus was plain spoken.  In regard to tradition, He said, as recorded in Mark 7:13

You nullify the Word of God by your tradition

that you have handed down.

 And you do many things like that!

This Christmas, take a close look at your traditions.  Are they bringing you a false sense of comfort that can disappear in an instant or are they a part of bringing the Glory of God to the World?

To listen to Chapter Twenty-Four, click on the title, The Season of Tradition.

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