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Chapter Ten:  Where Are You?

When you hear someone asking you, “Where are you?” do you feel comforted and happy that someone cares about you or do you feel anxiety that you have been caught in doing something they may not like?

When you realize you have done something that God will not approve, is your first instinct to run to Him or try to run away?

Have you ever tried to cover your sins by doing something else good?  How is that working out for you?  Are you running out of fig leaves?  Where are you in living this life?


Chapter Eleven:  Busted!

When you have sinned, how interested are you in talking with God about how you came to be in the mess that resulted?  Are you interested in letting Him show you how to never go there again or do you just want Him to do a quick fix for you?  

How quick are you to own up to a mess of your own making?  If there is someone else to blame, do you try to blame them or at least, take them down with you?  (Misery loves company!)   

Is there a difference in discipline and punishment?


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