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Chapter Twelve:  Discipline Versus Punishment

Is there a difference in discipline and punishment?  Do you ascribe to the belief, if you mess up, “God’s gonna get you?”  Do you see God as quick to hurt and eliminate evil people?  Isn’t there plenty of evidence in the Bible to give the message that you had better not cross God?

How do you see God’s handling of the Adam and Eve situation?  Would you throw your children out of the house just because they ate something you told them not to?  Is there something more to the story of Adam and Eve than has been told?


Chapter Thirteen:  A New Position for Satan

Why did God make satan live in the body of a serpent?  There are several answers to that question, and all of them reflefct God’s Creative Genius.  Was it possible for satan to ever get off the ground?  Yes, but it was not a way he would likely choose.  


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