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Chapter Fourteen:  Motherhood –Partnering with God in Creation

Was God cruel to make pain a part of the process of laboring to bring life into the world?  When God brought pain, is it possible that He was, in fact, restoring something satan had tried to take away?  Have you ever known a Love so great you would be willing to endure any pain in order to get it?  More importantly, have you ever known a Love so great you would be willing to endure any pain in order to give it?

Since God’s Plan was to redeem mankind from their sins, He had to be close.  It was obvious Adam and Eve were going to need close supervision.  How did God arrange this?  He made Adam and Eve Junior Partners!


Chapter Fifteen:  Farming — Partnering with God in Creation

Adam disobeyed God on several levels.  One of them had to do with his job.  What was Adam’s job in the Garden?  Adam also attempted not only to blame Eve, but also to blame God.  What did God do that Adam thought contribted to his sin?  Have you ever tried to blame God for a terrible ending to a chapter of your life?  Isn’t it true that the buck always stops with God?  God can either prevent things or fix them after they happen, right??  

In God’s rehabilitation plan, Adam and satan shared a common view of the ground.  God wanted each of them to learn a very valuable lesson about the dust of His Earth.  What was God’s Lesson?  



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