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Chapter Sixteen:  Uncovered and Exposed

We learn early in life to keep our bodies covered, keep our bodily functions private, and to watch what comes out of our mouth.  Does anyone on earth know the real you?  Is it possible even you don’t know the real you?  When you think of God knowing every part of you, even your thoughts, are you comforted or anxious?  Are you willing to allow God to tenderly uncover you, so you know you?  (He already knows you, so there will be no surprises for Him!)


Chapter Seventeen:  The Kiss of God

Did you know God is as close to you as your very breath?  Consider the Truth expressed in Job 33:4.

“God’s Spirit has made me.

The Breath of The Almighty gives me life!”

God’s Breath is not to just “get you started” or to “resuscitate” you in a pinch.  His Breath was put in you from your creation and continues to give you Life.  An old legend considers God’s initial blowing of breath into us as our first kiss.  God is Love.  His Kisses are tender and loving.  He sees us as He created us to be and rejoices at the Beauty!

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