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Chapter Eighteen:  I’ll Be Near Your Heart!

Why do you suppose God chose to include a part of Adam’s own body in the body of Eve?  He removed Adam’s rib after causing him to fall into a deep sleep.  God was the first to put someone to sleep so surgery could be performed!  Why did God choose a rib?  What’s so special about one’s rib?


Chapter Nineteen:  Holy Oneness

Do you really look at your beloved and appreciate both your differences and sameness?  Are you awed at how God could create two such different people and yet two so alike?  Have you really thought about God as your Beloved?  How different are you from God?  How much the same are you as God?  What does it mean to be made in God’s Image?  Do you welcome the thought of God being so close to you that He is inside of you?

On that day, you will realize that

I am in My Father,

and you are in Me,

and I am in you.

John 14:20

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