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Chapter 20:  Oh God, You Know Me!

If people knew what you think, even before the words came out of your mouth, do you think they would like you, much less love you?  How do you feel about God, Who knows everything about you?  Do you always remember that God does, in fact, know all?  Are there ever times when you wish He would look away for just a second while you took care of some business?

In Psalm 139, David the Psalmist, ponders the wonder of being known so completely by God.


Chapter 21:  Who Am I?

One of satan’s greatest weapons is that of shame.  Satan loves to condemn us.  When we have become entangled in evil, satan is most certainy there, but this is one place he is perfectly content to throw the ball to us.  He is quick to remind us of how dirty we are.  He follows that with a one two, sucker punch of “God will never have anything to do with you now except to punish you severely.  You better run and hide, because God’s gonna get you!”

God does want to talk with us after we have sinned.  But He is not waiting to beat us.  He is waiting to wash us!

For God did not send His Son into the world

to condemn the world,

but to save the world through Him!

John 3:17

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