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Chapter 22:  How Will They Know You Love Me?

Part of the joy of a new relationship is letting others know you have a Beloved.  Not only are we eager to show off our Love, but we also want the world to know that he/she picked us!  Are we cool or what!?  When you introduce God, how often do you talk just about The Glory of God and how often do you talk about yourself?  Do you want others to know God or God and you?

How important is it to you that God do His Show so that others can be impressed?  Have you ever described a particularly showy event as “God showed up tonight”?  How important is it for everyone to know God is with us always and that no matter how He manifests Himself, He is Great and Wondrous?  

Is it ok for God to love other people as much as He loves you?  Do you understand God loving you and loving me and loving other people without His being a polygamist?  



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