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Chapter Twenty-Four:  Horrible Food Poisoning

When we eat something our bodies don’t like, the body takes immediate steps to eject it.  Vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes and other means of getting rid of the offender may follow.  When we allow something into our spirits that does not line up with The Holy Spirit, there is also a move to eject it.  This may come through what we call our conscience or through unpleasant circumstances that are an immediate reminder of our misstep.

Satan’s techniques are always the same.  Choose a victim.  Create a feeling of need.  Convince God has not satisfied that need.  Convince he can satisfy that need.  Tempt.  Bag the victim.  Rejoice.  Blame and shame the victim.  Convince the victim God will never take them back.  Hit them with repeated tortures if they try to escape.  Do a double dance of victory when they believe escape is futile.  Train them to be a valuable part of the satanic army.

Adam and Eve fell victim to satan’s plans.  The evidence of the evil they had allowed into their perfect, good bodies was immediate.  The Bible does not give the details of the “food poisoning reaction”, but allows us to wonder what it may have looked like.  This chapter explores the possibilities.


Chapter Twenty-Five:  Skin — A Covering Only God Could Create!

There is one organ in the body that reflects both unity and diversity.  It is a perfect representation of God’s Provision and Protection as well as His Continuing Creation.  That organ is the skin.  

With God’s ability to create and His disapproval of killing, would it make sense that He would kill an animal and give His precious human creations “second hand clothes?”  No, God created something perfect for His Beloved Humans.  He gave them new skin!



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