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Chapter Thirty:  Traveling Orders

The Beauty of God’s Words is that they never change.  What He spoke to Adam and Eve, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses, Jesus, Paul or to you is the same.  The circumstances may be different, but His Words are the same, yesterday, today and forever.

This One Very Important Truth makes it possible for us to move back and forth along what we call a timeline and find Truths that could have been and can be said to anyone at any time.  It is true that at some point in time, someone wrote those words down and they got passed on to us.  However, they could have been breathed into the spirit of men and women by God long before He directed somone to write them.

I believe God likely gave Adam and Eve a pep talk before sending them out of the Garden.  Chapter Thirty explores different ways God gave His Message to different audiences.  Different circumstances, different people, but always The Same Message.  It is God’s Pep Talk to us right now!


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