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Chapter Twenty-Nine:  The Precious Undergarment

There is a child’s game called “Red Rover.”  There are two teams.  One team locks their arms and hands tightly together.  They then call out a member of the other team, who runs as fast as possible and tries to run through the “wall” of the opposing team’s defenses.  As long as every member of the defense holds tight to their part of the wall, the opposition is repelled.  But if even one caves at the last minute, the opposition has an opportunity.

Satan is all about opportunity.  He looks for the opportune time and the opportune situation.  He looks for even one tiny break in our defense against him.  Paul talked in detail about the “Full Armor of God.”

Finally, be strong in The Lord

and in His Mighty Power.

Put on the full armor of God

so you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Ephesians 6:10

Satan will continue to attack the outside of The Temple, trying to wear us down, trying to get us to give up and open the door to him.  We should continue to resist him.  In fact, as persistent as satan is, he is smart enough not to continue to beat his head against a brick wall.  When you resist him, he will flee.  (James 4:7)

The bad news is that he will be back.  

When the devil had finished all his tempting,

he left him until an opportune time.

Luke 4:13

Get your outer wall and your inner wall ready!  Chapter Twenty-Nine gives you the battle plan, complete with the review of every piece of your armor.  Don’t forget any part of it!

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