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Chapter Five:  Sharing a Unique Name

Names are important to God.  He named His Humans.  He let Adam name the animals.  God named each of the stars.  And He even named Himself!

As recorded in Exodus 3:13-15, God said His Name is, “I AM!”  He said, “This is My Name forever!”

Chapter Five reveals the Power God has given us in using His Name.  When we put His Name of “I AM” in front of things that are true about Him, they become true for us as well.


Chapter Six:  Speaking as One

Jesus freely used the name of The Father God.  Chapter Six explores many of Jesus’ Statements that lined up perfectly with His Father, I AM.  Jesus was always very clear that He did not speak on His Own, but only spoke what The Father spoke through Him.  

Many of our prayers are attempts to get God to line up with what we say.  Powerful Prayer begins with knowing what God already said about any given subject and then simply agreeing with Him!



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