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Chapter Seven:  Knowing The One

Many of us put “in the Name of Jesus” at the end of our prayers.  When Jesus said, “I will do anything you ask [The Father] in My Name … ” (John 14:13), it sounded like a blank check.  And sometimes when we see positive results after others have asked for something in Jesus’ Name, it reinforces that using His Name must be the “password” to everything we want!

However, Jesus gave a chilling story, as recorded in Matthew 7:21-23, about those who thought they had everything all sewed up, using His Name.  When some of the people wanted to enter The Kingdom of Heaven, using His Name, He said, “I’ve never known you.  Get away from Me, you evil people.”

To know The One is to understand Who He is, in all His Completeness, all parts of Him.  To know The One is to know He is in you and you are in Him.  To know The One is have a constant awareness of living Life together.  To know The One is to speak only what He says and to do only what He does.  

Chapter Seven goes to the heart of this book.  Who is The One?  Do you truly know Him?



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