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Chapter Eight:  Power In The Name of Jesus, The Word!

How is it possible that those who used The Mighty Name of Jesus might have seen results, but might not be entering The Kingdom of Heaven themselves?  The Power of God’s Word cannot be stopped, even when it flows through a weak vessel.  God seems to take great delight in using struggling people.  He gives them first access to His Word, as it comes through them.  But if they do not claim The Word for themselves, as it passes through, they are nothing more than delivery people.

God’s Word is active and alive, so it will bring Power to all who receive it.  As delivery people of His Word, we want to be sure we also receive it!

Before proclaiming The Word, we’d all do well to claim The Word and live The Word.  After proclaiming The Word, you may be sure satan will come to visit you with doubts.  He will ask you, just as he asked Eve, “But did God really say …”  Settle the matter with God and satan.  Yes, He said it!  And then spend some time with God, asking Him to help you so perfectly line up with His Word, that you will not be an impediment to anyone else seeing His Glory.

The best testimony of God’s Word is when Jesus’ Words become true in our lives.

Anyone who has seen Me, has seen The Father …

John 14:9



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