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Jesus remained in His Earthly Body visible on earth for approximately 40 days before He ascended into Heaven.  He had prepared His Followers for the day they would no longer see Him in His Physical Body.  He would continue His Work, with God, The Holy Spirit and His Followers in a home base He had revealed to them.  He would be working from inside their bodies.

Satan was not pleased that Jesus was back.  But he continued to hope that Jesus would go away again.  Satan knew if Jesus went “home” to God, as He had said He would, satan could play a “winner takes all” game.  For the humans to believe they had been abandoned by both God and Jesus would create panic, anger and rejection, just the kinds of things satan specialized in.  It would be great.  

That crafty Jesus had told His Followers to remember Him.  Satan realized it would be very important what they remembered about Jesus.  Satan thought of putting in a whole new “sound system” on earth.  He, of course, would control what things came through and what things got played so softly they were not remembered.  

He also knew how important it was to get as many people as possible on the same page.  He had learned these humans could be led astray so easily by simply having a bunch of people talk the same talk and do the same walk.  Most humans were not true followers; they were imitators.  Satan laughed when he thought of how easily he had turned that crowd of palm wavers into a lynch mob.

So it was fine with satan if the humans thought Jesus was coming back one day.  He would turn up every scripture he could find that had to do with a “second coming.”  However, He knew He had to make sure the humans never remembered anything Jesus said about being with them now and always.  

Satan was not locked into time.  So he could see some things off in the future.  He actually read things human writers were yet to write.  Sometimes what he read made him so angry, he ripped the pages out of the book.  He told his demon underlings these future fiction writers were fools.  He particularly hated some words yet to be written by Paul.

… that at the Name of Jesus,

every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

and every tongue acknowledge that 

Jesus Christ is Lord,

to The Glory of God the Father.

Phillipians 2:10-11

Satan felt his tongue going dry, as he tried to formulate the words, “No!  This will never be!”  Then he got a peculiar cramp in his long, serpent body.  It felt as if an unseen hand was bending him into a kneeling position.  But that was not possible, was it?  A terrible thought set in.  Would God give satan knees just so he could bow to Him?  

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