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Jesus was definitely dead.  The Roman soldiers made sure of that.  He was placed in a tomb and a huge stone placed in front of the entrance.  Additionally, there were guards posted to be sure no one stole His Body.  But satan and the rest of the world were about to discover The One could not be contained in any box earth (or hell) had to offer.

The biggest box satan offers to humans is their perception of Time.  If we grasp a Truth, such as Jesus coming back, satan is quick to step in and say, “Yeah, He might.  But that’s a long way off yet.  Focus on today.  Even Jesus told you that.”

Jesus had told His Followers He would be back.  He had even given them time parameters about how long it would be.  And yet … He surprised them.  How often are we surprised when God does just what He said He would do?

Chapter Twelve allows us to witness some of Jesus’ encounters with His Followers after His Resurrection.  Some are actually comical.  Mary had a conversation with Jesus, and yet did not recognize Him until He called her by name.  Prior to that John notes she thought she was talking to the gardner.  And so she was!

(Jeus speaking ) ” … He Who has seen Me has seen The Father …”

John 14:9

(Jesus speaking )”I AM The True Vine, and My Father is The Gardner.”

John 15:1

Are you still waiting for Jesus to come back?  Don’t look for The Living One among the dead!  Don’t be like the woman at the well (See beginning of book), who knew a Messiah was coming one day, but missed Him standing right in front of her.  When you acknowedge The One living inside of you, you understand the Joyful Truth.  You don’t have to wait one second longer.  He is here, inside a new body — yours!

(Jesus speaking)

And be sure of this —

I AM with you always!

Matthew 28:20

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