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During His Ministry on earth, Jesus gave gifts of Forgiveness and Healing to many who did not ask for those gifts.  Jesus continued to give Gifts of Healing and Forgiveness during His arrest and crucifixion.  He healed the ear of the soldier, after Peter tried to cut it off.  He forgave those who were torturing and killing Him on the cross.

Jesus gave Gifts of Grace, wrapped in Compassion and Mercy.  So did all those to whom He gave have the Gifts?  It depends.  It depended on whether they received them.    If they refused to receive the Gifts, would God just mark the Gifts as “return to sender” and take them back?  No!  

God never takes His Gifts back.  When He gave you the Gift of Salvation or any other Gift, it’s yours.  But whether you have it and whether you use it depends on you.

And there is one more very significant thing about God’s Gifts.  While you may enjoy His Gifts all by yourself initially, you will find that the true Joy will come in sharing your Gift with others and allowing them to share their Gifts with you.  We are all part of the Body of Christ, and we each hold pieces of a beautiful puzzle.  Jesus’ Body was broken and shared with each of us.  He now waits for us to “re-member Him!”  

Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you —

Guard it with the help of The Holy Spirit Who lives in us.

2 Timothy 1:14

This is eternal life:

to know You, the Only True God,

and Jesus Christ, Whom You sent.

John 17:3

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