After today, it appears that we will have passed some of the most grueling parts of following Jesus.  After all, with the high fives and hallelujahs of the upcoming Resurrection, we should be into party time with Jesus.  Right?  He definitely wants active Followers now.  He has moved His Base of Operation from the One Body to the Many Bodies.  Some of you may not know you have been tapped for such a monumental assignment.

Jesus always told His Followers up front what to expect.  He wanted them to know the difficulties and the rewards.  In Chapter Two of Section Six of the book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!, we look at the job description for being Jesus’ Disciple.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  If you read the criteria and look at yourself, you may chicken out now.  But if you look at the qualifications and see The One in you, you will realize He will be doing on the job training moment to moment.

Jesus asks us one simple question.  The same question He asked Simon Peter three times … Do you love Me?

When we answer, “Yes!” He has these things to say to us.

If you love Me, keep My Commands.

John 14:15

Feed My Lambs …

Take care of My Sheep …

Feed My Sheep.

John 21:15-17

And now, let’s look at how you will look after your personal training course with The One inside of you.  Imagine how you will feel when you get to graduation and hear Him call your name.  He won’t just shake your hand.  You will walk into His Arms held out for you and you will hear Him say,

Well done, good and faithful servant!

You have been faithful with a few things;

I will put you in charge of many things.

Come and share your Master’s Happiness!

Matthew 25:21

To listen to the author’s reading of Chapter Two of Section Six of the book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!, click the audio link below.

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