Today begins the reading of Section Seven, which is the final Section of the book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!  For the next five days, we will explore topics that have to do with our eternal relationship with The One, and with each other.  We will begin today with looking at the Time of God’s Coming.

In the next week, we will go from the depths of Hell to the heights of Glory, as we consider what the Bible really says about Hell and Heaven.  You may be surprised if neither Heaven nor Hell are as you always thought they would be.

God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit were One from the beginning, are now and ever shall be.  They function as One.  God created us to be in Him and He to be in us.  We were with Him from the beginning, are now and ever shall be, even after our physical death on earth.  God was in us even before we recognized Him.  He is with us, even when we ignore Him or attempt to cast Him out.  We cannot be separated from Him anywhere we go, either in this life or the next.  

If God has always been present and is still, why do we miss Him?  In order to truly know The One, we must know ALL of Him.  The woman at the well knew about The Messiah, but she did not recognize she was speaking to Him.

Many in Jesus’ Time recognized Jesus, but not Jesus as One with God.

Jesus once asked His Followers what the talk was among the crowds about Him.  Who did they think He was?  They reported that some thought He was Elijah or perhaps John the Baptist come back to life.  Jesus then asked the direct question He is asking each of us right now.

But what about you?

Who do you say I AM?

Matthew 16:15-16

Take a moment and consider that question.  Who do you say Jesus is?  Who do you say God is?  Who do you say The Holy Spirit is?  How do you see Them functioning … as separate members of a team … or as a Glorious One?  

Who do you say you are?  Where are you in relation to The One?  Are you in Them?  Are you outside Their Circle?  How do you communicate with Them?  A text now and then to say hi or ask for something?  On speed dial for emergencies?  Or at home, right in the middle of Their Hug and Huddle, planning The Mission?

To listen to the author’s reading of Chapter One of Section Seven of the book, If You Only Knew … Who I AM!, click the audio link below.

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